Audiovisual Translations Dubbing & Subtitling

We subtitle or dub any video format for web, TV or films. We work with top professionals and best voices.

Audiovisual translation is one of our top specialisations, whether it be dubbing or subtitling. We have participated in all types of audiovisual projects including dubbing corporate videos, films, TV series and sport programmes for TVE (Spain’s state-owned public-service television broadcaster).

We rule when it comes to audiovisual translation and we can give you advice on the best solution, keeping in mind your goal and the target media so that you get the most out of your budget. For example, did you know that videos made for social media must always be subtitled because users tend to see them without turning on the sound?

We also take care of delivering the final product to clients thanks to our partnerships with dubbing studios, producers and all types of international voices.

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