Translation Services

We are your international communications team

Kobalt has always gone beyond mere translation to ensure our clients communicate effectively on an international scale, staying on message while adapting to different cultures. That was the goal in 2010 and it remains the same today.

What began as a modest project seven years ago has turned into a company that continues to grow while keeping its core values intact. In fact, the very first companies who trusted us with their work are among our biggest clients today, and we continue to work with translators who have been with us since the beginning. And that’s our other major goal: to ensure that working with us is a comfortable experience for everyone.

A total of 426 translators, proofreaders, linguists, editors, consultants, interpreters and layout designers from 52 different countries worked with us in 2016, translating more than 10 million words in 2,418 different projects. Some have worked with us from the start, others have joined our family more recently, but we’ve meticulously selected and vetted them all.

We find collaborators with a Master’s degree in Renaissance poetry, people who work from their sailboat anchored in some hidden Mediterranean cove, former players for the Soviet basketball team, interpreters that work exclusively with Nobel Prize winners, linguists who have worked at George Lucas’s ranch, professional chambers of commerce members in Asia, a full range of university professors, journalists, lawyers, doctors of medicine, and much, much more.

All are professionals with something in common despite their extremely diverse backgrounds: all have an enormous passion for sharing knowledge between different cultures.

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