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Technical translation is a challenge for many companies, who often find that their documents in other languages fail to comply with the quality standards established. This type of translation involves a series of challenges that makes tackling a technical translation project a highly complex process. Undoubtedly, the main problem is finding a team of translators who understand the technical concepts in question in order to carry out the project with guaranteed success.

The Kobalt Languages technical translation department is comprised of trained engineers active in the consulting field. These are experts in different fields of science and technology who possess the knowledge necessary to understand and assimilate technical information in the source language and translate it into their own, using precise technical terminology and following standards and conventions. We are able to successfully handle translations in a range of different fields thanks to our knowledge of available reference sources and our ability to apply the proper methodology to access and extract the information needed, saving both time and money in the process.

Not only do our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that their documents are translated by expert translators but rest easy knowing that their IT team will be able to implement the translation with few changes. Our team has successfully carried out translation projects in an extensive range of fields, including information and communication technologies, energy (generation, transmission and distribution) and civil and civil engineering.


  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Energy
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automotive

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Our Clients Say...

Kobalt Languages continues to impress me with their high level of professionalism, first-class translations, friendly service and quick response.

  • Market analyst – Electronic payment company

Professional, dedicated, affordable and extremely effective. Kobalt has proven to be the perfect translation partner for our company.

  • Country Manager – Certification company

This is the start of a long-lasting professional relationship with a trustworthy partner.

  • Head of marketing – Technological solutions company
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