Legal Translations

We are specialists in translating all types of legal documents: contracts, agreements, complaints, etc.

Legal translation is something that all clients need at one time or another when carrying out their activities in other countries or when they do business with foreign suppliers or clients, regardless of their sector.

We have a strong team of legal translation experts with many years of experience who allow us to provide our clients highly accurate translations.

Companies usually turn to Kobalt when they need any of these services:

  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of agreements and general terms
  • Translation of disclaimers
  • Translation of notarised documents
  • Translation of lawsuits, appeals, judgments and other documents having to do with the administration of justice
  • Translation of notarial certificates and notarial instruments
  • Translation of memorandums of association and deeds of ownership
  • Translation of insurance policies and expert’s reports

Translating all of this documentation allows our clients to access different markets, widening their scope and abiding by the existing legislation when operating in each of the countries where they are present.

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