Professional Translation

With a combination of talent, experience and technology, we provide the recipe for success for any translation project.

Without a doubt, translation is the service that is most requested by our clients. But something that may seem simple at first, like translating a text from one language into another, can quickly turn into a highly complex process.

At Kobalt, we work with the best professionals for each type of project at the global level. We make sure that the content is completely suitable for how it is planned to be used. Our team is constantly evaluated using various metrics to be able to count on the perfect professional for each project.

We usually coordinate projects involving over 50 professionals spread around the globe. It is done in a quick and simple way for our clients thanks to the use of modern technology and processes that have been optimised over the years.

Our experience also allows us to obtain and determine the desired results for any project, providing guidance on the best way to approach it so that it meets the clients’ expectations and deadlines and is within the budget.

If there is something that our clients agree on, it is that we manage all this complexity in a simple way, we make their daily lives easier and we work so that they achieve their goals.

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