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To create native experiences that don’t feel translated yet stay true to the original story, you need to persuade, inspire, motivate, engage, empower, move and elevate with the same power you do in your native market.


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We can’t tell you what to launch, which markets to choose or how to run your business, but we can tell you how to best show up in every single market in order to win. At Kobalt, we take our 10+ years of localisation expertise, an excellent production process, the best translation talent, exceptional work ethics and adapt it to your way of working.

We understand that your day to day is sometimes unpredictable and that if the translated content does not get shipped on time, everything stops. Every day, global brands trust us to deliver high quality translations, on brand and on time. A true partner who is also fun to work with, or so we are told!

Focus on what you do best, we’ll handle the rest.

Before building Kobalt, Ricard translated over 300 movies for Spanish cinemas including some of the classics like Night at the Museum, Little Miss Sunshine and Million Dollar Baby.

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Meet the K team, your sparring partner for localisation success.

A growing team of language, communication and localisation
specialists who help you make a powerful impact in all your markets.

Good vibes only!

Our founder built the agency he would have loved to work for
as a translator. A vibrant culture and a thriving work environment with dynamic professionals growing their careers while helping you win.

Good vibes only!

A space where they grow their business.

We are proud to offer over 5,000 talented translators and localisation experts around the world a space where they feel like they are part of a team.

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We are always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team.

Are you passionate about languages, communication and technology? Are you willing to explore new ways of doing things and bring your ideas to the table? Do you share our common goal of helping brands go beyond plain understood in order to win in all their markets?

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