Kobalt was founded with the goal of providing international companies with top-tier language services and exceptional customer support. As such, our primary objective is to attain excellence in all our endeavours, surpassing expected standards and exceeding the expectations of all parties associated with the company.

Kobalt's management deems it crucial that the company's workforce, a pivotal element upon whose professionalism and efficiency the recognized quality of our services relies, adheres to this policy. Continuous improvement is a daily priority in their activities' development.

The Quality Policy serves as the guiding framework for defining the company's objectives and is grounded in the following principles:

  • The company's foremost goal is customer satisfaction through top-notch language services.
  • We aim to provide our services with an optimal quality-price ratio.
    We strive to comprehend our clients' objectives, take ownership of them, and make every effort to achieve them.
  • We prioritize the welfare of our employees, offering fair and equitable compensation, prohibiting all forms of discrimination, and fostering career development.
  • We uphold mutual trust and benefit when engaging with our suppliers, forging long-lasting relationships.
  • Ensuring the well-being of the Kobalt ecosystem is integral to our operations.
  • We aim to maintain and expand our client portfolio, ensuring the company's longevity and business viability.
  • We adopt technological solutions to enhance productivity, quality, and efficiency in our services.
  • We implement and uphold a quality management system to ensure these objectives are met.
  • Analyzing process efficiency is a top-priority objective to achieve maximum quality.
  • We adhere to customer, legal, and regulatory requirements, as well as any subscribed-to organizational requirements.

Management stipulates that the primary responsibilities of the Quality Manager encompass the following:

  1. Implement the Quality Management System, identify problems, propose solutions, and verify their effectiveness.
  2. Ensure that the company continually enhances its management practices.

These responsibilities may be assumed by the management itself or any other qualified person designated for this purpose.

Quality policy approved by Ricard Sierra on September 15, 2023