From websites for marketing to certified documents for your legal team

Get matched with the most qualified translators for each type of content, industry and market from our worldwide network of 5,000 native and licensed linguists.

You create. We translate. They engage.

You create. We translate. They engage.

Kobalt Languages

Human or machine powered translation depending on the content

All translated content is reviewed by native and licensed linguists before it is adapted to your original format and delivered to your team.

100% Human Translation

Ideal for content that requires high precision and accuracy such as medical documents and website copy.

AI-Powered Translation

Ideal for content that is not localisation sensitive such as FAQs.

We can’t tell you what to launch, which markets to choose or how to run your business, but we can tell you how to best show up in every single market in order to win.

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Kobalt Languages

An experienced team at your service to solve creation needs


A wide range of content translated to 100+ languages by a growing network of 5,000 native and licensed translators experts in over 15 sectors. Both human and AI-powered translation with human review are available depending on the content.


When translation is not enough, in comes transcreation. It allows for a higher degree of creative freedom which results in a greater impact with local audiences while remaining culturally resonant, on brand and on message.

Content creation

Tailored AI-powered global content generation, validation, and other creative and data services customized to align seamlessly with your brand's requirements, delivering the most impactful message for every market, medium, and audience.

Bringing you 10+ years of localisation expertise, an excellent production process led by the best talent to connect your brand with its local audiences.

Kobalt Languages

Client stories

Proudly working with some of the world’s biggest brands—from fast growing startups to established companies ranging across 15+ sectors.