How do we manage your project with 50 translators in less than 24 hours?


One of the cornerstones of flawless communication between 50 people in different parts of the world is our Translation Management System.

Coordinating a project is never easy, but managing a project involving anywhere from 30 to 50 different people in just 24 hours is a challenge for which you need to be well prepared. And those are exactly the types of projects that Kobalt has been managing for over 10 years. 

A single weak link in that supply chain can result in considerable loss to our clients, such as not meeting the deadline for a launch. Or not having the best-selling products in their online store right at the height of a campaign in all their markets.

How do we manage to coordinate so many people in such a short time? 

Although many processes come into play and the reality is that success depends on all of them, one of the cornerstones is our TMS (Translation Management System).

A TMS connects the different parties involved in a project, from the client and the translators to the managers and administration team. By harnessing this powerful tool, we can manage all resources from a single platform and automatically perform mechanical tasks that would otherwise take up too much time and generate little value for our clients.

These savings are not only an advantage for Kobalt: your company can benefit as well. 

These are some of the advantages that our TMS can offer your company:

  • FASTER SERVICE: automate and accelerate translation tasks with our centralising system. This means that we can deliver projects much faster to ensure you're meet all your company's launch and rollout deadlines. Greater speed is essential in this day and age, when immediacy is fundamental
  • LOWER COST: an additional saving of approximately 28% on the total cost of a translation project. Management costs are reduced by automating tasks. The system can also generate a quote and track the entire project. 
  • SECURITY: the system offers a suite of security features that protect confidential information and reduce the risk of theft or accidental or unauthorised use of information. 
  • ENHANCED CONTROL: you can check your project's status anytime, anywhere (as long as you have internet access). This means you can coordinate with the project's different participants anywhere in the world. It can also display deadlines, billing, etc. This information is displayed in graphs and tables that provide an overview of the project status. With access to all this information you won't have constantly send emails to the project manager or call your language services company to ask about the project's status. You can request several different services in a single click.
  • SERVICE QUALITY: quality isn't negatively affected (quite the contrary, in fact) even though cost and time are reduced. Also, improving collaboration and communication among everyone involved in the project prevents confusion and, consequently, errors. 

A TMS delivers a better organised language service, in less time and with greater control - Sara Valls, Kobalt Senior Project Manager

This is how, thanks to our TMS, we ensure flawless communication between 50 people in different parts of the world without going crazy, crucial when managing large volumes of translation work and executing multiple projects at the same time. If you want to discover more about us, check out our language services and don't hesitate to ask

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