International Keyword Research: World Trends


The most searched keywords on the internet are a shifting representation of the interests of the population. Being in sync with today’s fast-paced world is key to position our site.

The most searched keywords on the internet aren’t set in stone, far from it. They are a representation of the interests of the population, perpetually shifting with every new slice of information that hits the net, from the most global spanning events, to a local change that can have far reaching consequences for particular business interests. Being in sync with today’s fast-paced world can help us identify keywords that can be suddenly brought into the spotlight.

Stay on top of the global and local news

There are events that can turn internet searches inside out in a matter of minutes. These can range from scientific discoveries, introduction of new technologies, and rises in popularity of cultural movements, to political changes, revolutions, or even wars. Events like the release of a new Apple product can open up a number of keywords for technology and communication companies to take advantage of for a short time. The fact that news moves so quickly makes it even more important to be aware of everything that is going on as soon as possible, as the window of opportunity can dwindle significantly after a few hours. Make sure you are there to ride the wave when the time is right.

Keep in touch with developments in your sector

If your business belongs to a sector that is on the move and in constant evolution, being aware of any potential development that can break the status quo is always going to be beneficial. For an engineering company, a new material or manufacturing process can result in a shift of preferences among interested searchers. If there is a new product spreading like wildfire within your industry and you have already adopted it, don’t forget to let the search engines and your customers know you are offering it. Slide that sweet keyword into your website.

The importance of the economy

The state of the economy has an immense effect on the spending habits of the population, and any website worth its salt should be taking advantage of any potential movement in the system. When an economy is booming, keywords that include “luxury”, “quality”, and “best” can be bringing in endless hits, but in a recession, “cheap”, “good value”, and “financing” can quickly take the top spots. To further complicate things, the media has significant influence when it comes to the public perception of the economy, regardless of its actual state. But if a bit of news can create a ripple effect that drives people to be more conservative with their spending, it’s better to adapt quickly than to be late to the party.

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