Kobalt to take the stage at GALA San Diego Conference


Ricard Sierra and Gergana Toleva will take the stage at one of the most important events of the translation and localization industry.

After a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) will hold its Annual Conference in San Diego at the end of April. In a joint presentation, our CEO Ricard Sierra and Gergana Toleva, Global Marketing Manager of 1-StopAsia, will share their experience and insights on creating marketing content for direct clients and LSPs.

Ricard Sierra and Gergana Toleva will take the stage at one of the most important events in the translation and localization industry. They will co-present The Two Sides of the Coin: Marketing for LSPs to LSPs & LSPs to End-Clients sharing their marketing goals, tools and approaches and discussing the similarities and differences when it comes to marketing their services to other Language Service Providers and direct clients.

Ricard & Gergana

This will be the first time Ricard Sierra takes the stage at GALA and his first US conference as well. Yet, besides sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas, this joint session has a deeper meaning according to our CEO: 

The idea to present together is also a reflection of how multiculturally diverse our industry is, but at the same time how similar we really are. That’s why we decided to name it “The Two Sides of the Coin” because even though it would seem that a Spaniard working for direct clients and a Bulgarian working for an Asian languages company targeting other LSPs have very little in common, the real truth is that we share a lot of similarities on so many different levels. It also goes to show how easy it is for two people from different cultures to connect and work together.

Gergana Toleva also believes that this is so much more than just a joint presentation and that it is the perfect example of how amazing our industry really is:

The one thing about our industry that fascinates me is how open we are to sharing. We live, work and breathe with language, different cultures, and people from around the world. These very specifics of our field made the idea of creating “The Two Sides of the Coin'' a reality. For me and Ricard, walking the road together to make it happen is an amazing journey, teaching us how little but at the same time important the nuances of the localization industry are. The most precious gifts we have at the end of the day are friendship and knowledge. And that is what we all dream about, right?

The GALA Annual conference will take place in San Diego from the 24 to 27 of April and it is an annual intersection of learning, networking, motivation, and fun. An opportunity to connect with language industry professionals from around the globe who represent diverse companies, sectors, and specialties.

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